The Black Ink

Deriving from Kentishtown, The Black Ink are a self-prescribed 'jumping rock and roll' fest of innovative musicians, striving to get the very best from their alt.rock beginnings. 

Back in October the quintet released a rhythmic album going by the name 'Moth Eaten Rooms' and soon enough we were swooning for the meaty sound seeping from the speakers. 

Opening with title track, Moth Eaten Rooms, the ominous chants and shrilling guitar chords make their presence known, psyching you up for the journey that the album takes you on.

A hybrid of Bowie and Black Keys, the album delivers a smorgasbord of sounds: from punchy tracks like "Tangerine" and "Somebody Call My Name" to somber, laid back numbers like "Goodbye" and "Letters to a Broken Man".

Things are already looking rosy for the group with three of the album tracks featuring on the soundtrack of British-Indie Comedy "Almost Married". 

Be sure to get your copy of the album on iTunes or now.

Words by Siobhan Cocoran


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