Hooton Tennis Club

PUERILE rock has always been a favourite of the younger generation with many bands in the past adopting a new-wave sound to fit the 'cool' stereotype, yet, the latest Liverpool band to make waves, Hooton Tennis Club have already proved that you don't have to be cheesy to snap up our hearts with their exemplary tonality.

Forming back in 2013, the four muso's have been noticed by many establishments including music mag giants, NME who have brandished the band with a 'lo-fi' tag.

Sharing the lime-light with fellow Lo-flyers Tame Impala, the appeal for a dreamy kinda love has certainly been bubbling for quite a while.

With the pending release of their debut single, out 23rd February on Heavenly Records, we were treated to the grand revealing of title track, Jasper - a charming escapade of playtime chords and numbing vocal drones matched with the unfolding of a happy-go-lucky poetic fable.

This cultured number even has mentions of Matisse and Turner, rhyming with humming of the bass, mimicked by softly cured beats that curdle the harmonium. Slurring with a purifying lullaby, listeners crave their undeniable cheekiness mixed with an all important similarity to backstreet bands.

Come 23rd February, we're in for one hell of a ride.

Words by Lauren Jones


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