The Florescents

Maria Sicilia
2015 has already promised to be a gem of a year and with the discovery of Liverpool duo, The Florescents.

After hearing what they have to offer,The Music Manual has tipped the chilled fuzz sound to make the biggest splash this year.

Starting out last March, The Florescents have kept much under wraps, releasing only two tracks upon their soundcloud whilst keeping gigs to a minimal.

The live recording of track ,'Sugar' in particular caresses a haunting echo, forcing the lyrics to wrap favourably with the beautiful vocality. A roughly concocted body aids a smoother feedback from the instrumental. With a weighty nod towards a gratifying sensibility with sultry chords - which are delectably satisfying.

By reworking rock'n'roll with an injection of 70's glam, we're presented with a fresh slur that rips through their acoustic background. There's no telling what direction they will take next with their unpredictability flaunted by a Christmas recording 'Here Is Now'.

The Florescents are ready to break, be sure to keep your ears peeled. You heard them here first.

Words Lauren Jones


  1. From the cave where The Florescents concoct their musical potions. Their first single: ANIMALS!