FIRST featuring this Merseyside quartet over two years ago, Sugarmen have come through many obstacles unscathed. The release of their debut track, 'Dirt' truly proves it's a labour of love.

The track itself has been a part of their live sets for a year or so now, but, after being poached by the Clash's Mick Jones, it is time for the long-awaited release of the track on 13th April via Poor Old Soul Records.

Gaining the attention of the likes of Paul Weller and playing Hyde Park amongst the likes of The Who and Johnny Marr in June - we'd suuure like some of what they're having.

'Dirt' has gained quite the response from around the world, it's hard to ignore with its ridiculously wonderful slow beginning matched with front-man, Luke Fenlon's invigorating vocalism. The raw purity of this introduction prepares us for a punchy instrumental to follow. Recreating the indie sound of the early noughties, there is also an idealistic return of a punchy, punk riff reminiscent to that of an Undertone track of the late 70s.

A prominent bassline from Tom Shields rumbles the vocal harmonies, giving drummer, Sam McVann an opportunity to deliver a hulking beat. With this, we hear a shift in tone - guitarist Chay Heney providing those all important long-lasting chords that stick with you for several days after listening. Ever hastening, the tempo erupts at the screech of the final chorus. Check out the video for 'Dirt' below.

Be sure to get your copy of 'Dirt' on 13th April... If you don't, you'll be sorry!


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