Del Florida

LIVERPOOL based quartet, DEL FLORIDA are to bring you their track “In Sleep" just weeks after returning to the recording studio. Fronted by songstress, Leela Dawson alongside Inge Bremnes, Chris Gaffney and Stephen Fitzpatrick; Del Florida are a side project for both Leela and drummer Stephen also play in another local band, Taws.

In Sleep is their debut release, serving up a summery americana-nostalgia, influenced by greats such as The Beach Boys. Dawson’s vocalism angelically floats above the soothing instrumental, providing an ethereal soundtrack. Surfy chords provided by Bremnes go hand in hand with a funky bassline from Gaffney, tied together with pacey beats from Fritzpatrick.

Released with a rather sterling music video, filmed in Liverpool. This track is positively flawless and what's even better is the fact this dreamy tune the first of many set to be released by Del Florida, have a listen for yourself and show these guys some love-

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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