Photo by Shoot J Moore
MILD anarchists, LIFE are a quartet from Hull creating such a commotion that it's becoming increasingly hard to not take notice.

Dabbling in modern-art via poetry and imagery, LIFE give a lot more than the rest, keeping us thoroughly entertained whilst educating us in an incredible innovative way.

Tipped for success by none other than BBC introducing, the four lads managed to grab themselves a tasty spot on their stage at Reading and Leeds fest.

Released a few months back, debut EP, I Knew I Was A Rat has been praised by the likes of XFM and Amazing Radio. Cumulating previous singles to create the EP, we're offered the very best of LIFE, ultimately making it a hit record - if there ever was one.

Sounding like Peace on steroids, tracks like Take Of With You has a cheeky vocalism from front-man Mez Green, ferociously cryptic but gripping all the same. The slapped lyricism is encouraged by a set of hefty scuzzed chords who joke with rolling beats ricocheting off each little techno overlay. White-noise best describes the bass as it numbingly purrs with Green's vocalism and assisting echoes, basically creating one of the best sounds of a decade.

All Your Friends happens to be the 'cynical number', more so, pointing out the cynics in us all. By using techniques abused by the likes of Pulp, the spoken word breaks up to chant along with the fluctuating tone, spitting out the truth with sick contempt.

Definitely the type to cause mosh-pits on mass scales, LIFE are the foursome who are injecting a psyched distortion into the industry, making it commercially apt whilst allowing it to grow within it's exclusive DIY feel.

Words Lauren Jones


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