Strange Cages

COMING to Liverpool next Friday, Brighton babes, Strange Cages are bringing a ferocious punk edge to the psychedelia scene.

Making headlines on Fred Perry Subculture, the trio are set to become the next big thing on the independent conveyor belt. Hard-hitting and incredibly cool, these lads have more jam oozing out of them than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

After meeting a few years back at school, Charlie McConnochie and Elliott Loughridge had always been creating music and after Great Escape last year they recruited drummer, Ellis Dickson conceiving the line-up that is seen today.

20th July saw the release of latest single, Pony, courtesy of Strong Island Recordings, showing a much darker side of Strange Cages. From McConnochie emanating a vocalism as sickly-sweet as The Cramps' front-man, Lux Interior to an instrumental as gritty as Grecian quintet, Bazooka.

Fury rips through a slowing beat, lagging several seconds behind a set of trippy chords, hurriedly racing from one note to the next, the tempo is pushed to maximum pace with the 'sleazy psych' purring at the lyricism. Early tracks such as Desert and Shake definitely hold a lot more of the 'punk' tag to their name, only showing minor signs of psychedelia, that was until Pony came along.

Enviable track listings and endless fuzz instrumentals have had many in a daze, sucking up to the impulsive sounds convulsing from Strange Cages sudden rise to power. Be sure to catch the lads at The Zanzibar, 18th September joining our favourites, The Sneaky Nixons at their EP launch, £7 OTD and £4 ADV.

Words Lauren Jones


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