STARTING out in clubs as part of Lana Del Rey's backing band gave musician, Tim Barr the go to start his own project, Silverbird.

Soon enough his demo tapes grabbed the attention of British producer, Kristopher Harris, hereby creating his critically acclaimed debut, Surface Life.

Since the arrival of three more like-minded musos, Corey Davis, Dan Whaley and Jacob Shaub, Silverbird have been selling out venues all over New York City.

Released on 18th September, debut album Pureland stunned many once again, with leading track, Lyfe being placed online for free-streaming.

The track takes off with rhythmic riffs but stops dead 50 seconds in. An unexpected pause, an eerie interlude, quickly restarting to melt away a creepy atmosphere to snap back to a light-hearted joyfulness.

Lyfe has the best of both worlds, upbeat highs teasing sweeping lows, intertwining elements from two extreme emotions to create a track that is full of emotion and perfect to showcase the sheer beauty of Pureland.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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