The Floormen

STARTING out in 2013,  Liverpool trio, The Floormen, create a raw form of absent psychedelia that crucifies many modern day interpretations of the amalgamated genre.

With a show tonight, 7th October, at The Shipping Forecast supporting Madrid rockers, The Parrots, courtesy of Harvest Sun Promotions, The Floormen are grappling at the heart of Liverpool's thriving music scene.

Making gaining gigs seem easy, the three lads have shared stages with the likes of Purple Heart Parade and Strange Collective, continuing to work relentlessly to build up their local repertoire, this being proven with track, Luna Voluntus.

Hazy chords conjure a slightly grunge feel trickling through an ethereal beat that lingers upon slimy basslines.

A slurred vocalism from front-man Buddy Keenan provides a sturdy platform for the instrumental to bloom into a hallucinogenic wave of illustrious imagery, completely heaving any 'darkness' and replacing it with curiosity - of course aided by the track's magical sounding name.

With new material in the making and a surplus of gigs juggling to attend, The Floormen are a threesome well-prepared for their next step in reaching national acclaim.

Words Lauren Jones


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