Paradise Animals

Canadian electronic trio, Paradise Animals began as the brainchild of artist and producer, Mark Andrade who introduced the world to multi-instrumentalist’s Kerri Silva and Gary Pererira.

Recently releasing debut album Day Bed, Paradise Animals have been inundated with bouts of critical acclaim and positivity.

Taken from their album, is new single, Monday Morning. Layered synthesisers and melodies are complimented by rich mellow vocals laced with saccharine harmonies, rather reminiscent of Friendly Fires or Morrissey in colour.

The result is a mix of melancholia from the vocals and lyrics such as ‘this will be your best day,’ ‘’how do you want to be?’, counteracted with a chilled backdrop, it produces the kind of sound to be coasting down a beach in summer to.

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Words Jenni Kickhefer


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