Ringo Deathstarr

TEXAS conception, Ringo Deathstarr began as the brainchild of Elliot Frazier back in 2005, a few years followed before their final line-up was secured.

Now, after several years in the game, the chosen three have toured all over the globe, gaining god-like status amongst the psychedelia circuit.

After the release of fifth studio album, Pure Life on 11th December, Ringo Deathstarr have experimented a deeper ethereal sound, complimenting the winter months yet still paying homage to their notoriously dazed tonality.

Opening track Dream Again features bassist, Alex Gehring's heavenly vocals, whilst Guilt rips into early 90s ethereal pop, haunted by Gehring's sheer vocal velocity.

The fragile nature of these tracks contrasts others, with tracks like Heavy Metal Suicide causing a rare conflict within the album's tracklisting, bending conformity to the extreme.

Pure Love opens up an exciting 2016 for the band, with children and more festival slots on the way, The Music Manual grabbed an interview with Elliot to find out what it's really like being Ringo Deathstarr.

What message would you like people to take from your latest release, Pure Mood?

I don't really know, but I hope this record is used in the resistance to the soft rock revolution. We get lumped in with psych bands and all that. Hopefully you get the message that we are not playing that game. And once and for all of like to declare that I have no desire to break new musical ground.
If it happens, cool. Making an album is fun, but it is just a means to be able to play live, which is the ultimate thrill ride.

Does it surprise you the reception that you've had in countries such as Japan?

Yes, and No. I mean I could have never imagined that anyone would care about this band anywhere, but in hindsight, it seems only logical that folks who are music fans would like us, because we don't suck. I think the only places where we struggle are those filled with miserable people - the USA for example.

You've been announced to play Cosmosis Festival in Manchester, who will you be looking forward to seeing?

Never seen Wire, so I'm curious as to how they are doing these days. I saw Mary Chain earlier this year and they nailed it. It will be cool to see our Austin friends Holy Wave in a different country. I always like when I can see the Raveonettes. I'm sure I will discover some new stuff too.

Do you enjoy life on the road?

Yes, very much. In the UK and USA, we sleep on floors at strangers houses, just wing it every night. In Europe, Japan, South America, we get hotels. We are very lucky to do this, and I am amazed that, at 33, my body still has no aches and pains from sleeping on floors, couches, sitting in the van for 8 hours a day!

Plus we like eating, I especially have gone through a metamorphosis from extremely picky, to picky vegetarian, to now, where I am willing to try the food in each place, the regional dishes. Food is a wonderful form of cultural exchange, and I'm lucky to experience the warmth of all the people who we meet!

Have you got a favourite record of 2015?  

I haven't paid attention, I don't know what has come out this year.  I don't really listen to records, I like going to see bands live (in person, not on YouTube).  I don't want to be influenced by anything contemporary, just like to watch Jimi Hendrix documentaries and videos.

Who are you tipping for success in 2016?


Have you got any gossip you can let The Music Manual know?

I hear that Kanye West is sampling Slayer and The Get Up Kids for his new album...

You say you take influence from a range of eras and artists but who would be your greatest underdog rock star?

Chris "Frenchie" Smith from Sixteen Deluxe. He taught me everything and more. His band had a major label record in the 90s but faded away, now they are back with a new 7".  

What are we to expect from Ringo Deathstarr next year?

Some more touring, then I will become a father in May, so we will take a break and make a new record, plus a drone record for new born babies. If we can play the summer festivals, that would be ideal... But the Illuminati always stop us from getting on the bill.

Get your copy of Pure Mood here.

Words Lauren Jones


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