Prog-punk Liverpudlian's, SeaWitches have been around the local circuit for a few years now, dipping in and out of their ethereal honey pot with snappy live sets and potent material.

Dropping tracks Fatheads and Starlight Love last month, their sound is reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees, conveying the same hypnotic mysticism upon listeners all the while being perhaps just that little more punchy.

The quartet don't tend to unleash any master-plans for the future but the long awaited news of new material certainly sent many heads spinning after setting up shop at Liverpool's Parr Street Studios with the notorious Bill Ryder Jones.

Latest offering, Fatheads possesses a ghoulish riff, forcing an unruly panic amongst the instrumental. Front-woman, Jo Herring rolls each lyric off her tongue with harrowing effect, teasing the kaleidoscopic music to follow in such raw agony. A strained beat allows Fatheads to seep this nightmarish venom with such great velocity and force without obvious exertion.

Always up for a gig or two, SeaWitches are found only at the coolest of Liverpool's music hangouts, allowing their music to fall upon devoted ears. Somebody tell 2016 there's an anarchic storm in our midst.

Words Lauren Jones


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