STOCKPORT recently revealed the power of creating an amazing quality of music last year with new quartet, Thing being no exception.

Recording track, Carousel at Manchester's Eve Studios last September with Martin King and Henry Broadhead, following the footsteps of the likes of TOY and Everything Everything.

Dropping the release on 25th December, the track is all about embracing a new-wave of warming psychedelia.

Offering a more uplifting alternative rock vocalism, the instrumental is highly addictive with zippy riffs slowly dissolving straight within eardrums.

Oozing weighty beats fall heavily amongst a fizzling bassline and potent lyricism, definitely showing off influences such as Temples and TOY, with a hint of Mac DeMarco hidden within the cracks.

With more material promised for release next month, Thing are going to be the new name on everyone's lips. 

Words Lauren Jones


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