Ursa Major

DEBUT offering, Dusk from Canadian 19-year-old, Ursa Major opens up a new fusion of psychedelia and R&B music, utterly bewitching in an out-of-this world fashion.

Starting off mixing in his bedroom only to move on to work with Montreal's Noah Barer and Cavewerk, the young muso has managed to produce a true piece of chilled instrumental.

Striking lyricisms so intensely divulge into feelings and emotions, with his weighty vocalism having the ability to anchor meaning to the track.

Forcing more electronic elements to the psychedelic rock'n'roll backdrop allows Dusk to appeal on a much larger scale to the mass market.

For such a young age, Ursa Major has used Dusk to breakthrough the masses and create something which may be mass produced in some form or another, yet makes it work to his advantage.

This single has certainly become a template for future producers and musicians, and it is certainly a tasty one.

Words Lauren Jones


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