Ryan Lee Turton
JANGLY pop is running wild on Liverpool's streets thanks to dynamic duo Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick, also known as, Her's.

From Norway to Barrow, the two forged an irreplaceable bond on the Mersey, making the city their home to explore the far-out electro sounds the North so boastfully beholds.

Bobbing about for a couple of years, Her's have partaken in a select few gigs on the local circuit, gaining a crucial but humble number of supporters.

Their debut track, Dorothy, released on Heist or Hit, premiered on DIY magazine on 7th April - pretty decent for their first offering.

The simple and, at times, uncomplicated number has waves of eighties synths, weaving their way within a number of tight riffs, a technique previously explored by the likes of Joy Division, Interpol and Bauhaus not to mention strenuous links with artists such as Ariel Pink, which was also discussed on DIY.

Fitzpatrick's deep vocalism works with a recurring soft coo of 'oohs', intertwining themselves with a vivacious lyricism that twirls around the tongue in a soothing beach-scuzz harmony, making Dorothy a bizarrely soulful and zany tune.

When it felt like electro-pop was on its way out, Her's brought a colossal wave of surf-rocking goodness.

Words Lauren Jones


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