Birdpen create krautrock mayhem with latest track, The Chairman.

STARTING off as flatmates in Southampton, Dave Pen and Mike Bird created the anti-establishment duo, BirdPen.

Commitment and ardour turned a once bedroom project into several European tours and three full-length studio albums with the fourth, O Mighty Vision to be released on 26th August.

Before the album's release, BirdPen are set to drop leading track, The Chairman on 29th July courtesy of J.A.R Records.

In this time of global political turmoil, The Chairman is a big fuck you to the system that allows corporate bigwigs and lying politicians to buy power - but, most importantly the track is a unifying salute to the little men in society.

A teasing rhythm prolongs the anarchic tune, ripping through each note with its tasty fierceness.

It's synthetic Krautrock vibes inspired by Can, Total Control and Holy F*ck, alongside irregular structure make this memorable, unapologetic track a needle in a haystack of similar sounds.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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