10 Questions with Kashmere

DUE to play their Liverpool debut on Friday 12th August, Kashmere have had one hell of a year, playing festival after festival and gaining coverage on Fred Perry Subculture which has pushed them to the frontline in Manchester's busy music industry.

Promising to play the Buyers Club as if it were Wembley, Kashmere's frontman Joey Newey answered our burning 10 Quick Questions everyone must know about the well-cherished Northern band...

What blows Kashmere's mind?
Roads blow my mind. Imagine having the idea let's make a road then realising you’ve proper opened a can of worms when everyone starts wanting roads all over the world, and you cba but you gotta keep making them.

Who is the biggest poser in the band?
Probably me to be honest.

Best Gig you've ever played?
Probably our first MCR headline for me. The sound was rubbish but it was the first front to back sold out show we’d played. Our bassist Penno spent 80% of the show in the crowd on people’s shoulders, we climbed PA’s and stuff. It was just fun!

Who has the most ridiculous music collection or taste?
Penno for certain, spans from like Rizzle Kicks to Aborted Fetus.

What do you think Kashmere will be doing once retired?
I had an idea the other day that I’d become like an old man clothes blogger.
Proper beige waist coats and cords and that.

Weirdest fact about a band member?
Andy was raised by deer some say…

What is the greatest song ever written?
Arghh, I love some raw tunes depending on the mood. I’ll go for my current fave Enjoy - I’ve Got The World In My Pocket

Biggest music crush?
Julian Casablancas

What will we be looking out for on Friday?
A proper good show! It’s all about putting on something that is worth watching and not only listening to with us. So, expect us to climb whatever we can and Penno normally gets on someone’s shoulders

What would the ultimate Kashmere rider consist of?
Loads and loads of Coke, like as much as you can possibly get… Diet preferably though, full fat coke makes my teeth feel fluffy.

Words Lauren Jones


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