Nick Ellis live at the Scandinavian Church on Saturday, November 12

One man and his guitar - that was all that was needed for an effortless appearance from Nick Ellis on a frost-bitten Saturday evening at the Scandinavian Church.

Once paying your £1 corkage fee - in the middle of the winding staircase - you were granted exploration of the beautiful interior of white wash walls and lancet windows.

Networking and chatting to old friends made the evening homely - acknowledging people you see once in a blue moon but enjoy their company all the same

With red wine flowing and cans cracking around the arches and wooden benches steeped in Liverpool's rich Scandinavian history aided Nick's unannounced arrival behind the mic.

His simple stage area remained on the same level as all his peers, perfectly understated.

In between tracks such as Carillon, artwork and childhood fables from Nick's past were discussed in an interactive humour which came so naturally.

Nick's unrivaled grasp on the audience made time pass so quickly.

Each chord bounced off the arched walls, with vocals speaking in obvious rhymes of wisdom and personal experience. 

Many people sat with their mouths wide open during old favourites such as Cooler Than A Cupid, just trying to comprehend the magic that was unfolding right in front of us.

With the only fault being a light shining too brightly in Nick's eyes, the launch of debut LP, Daylight Ghosts was one that will not to be forgotten.

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Words Lauren Jones


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