Chicago's pysch giants Shah Jahan reveal new name Lucille Furs and latest track

FORMERLY Shah Jahan, the Chicago pysch creators Lucille Furs are back from a turbulent few months, keeping their old faithful sound and releasing new track, Does it Matter to You.

Recorded at drummer, Brendan Peleo-Lazar's home studio, Seven Levels Music on analog tape, the track moves from past tracks In Samsara and Baby Blaise creating a darker, deeper world exploring sub-genres and mindless tones. 

Their steady stream of gigs and sticking together through difficult times has brought these guys together stronger than ever. 

Does it Matter to You is testament to their dedication - perfectly complimenting the past and proving they're not for changing.

With distant vocals from front-man Trevor Pritchett sounding similar to Lennon and that familiar deep bass-line from Patrick Tsotsos grinding with guitarist Nick Dehmlow's chords is a work of art that grooves silently with Brendan's simple but rhythmic beat.

Usage of the mellotron from Constantine Hastalis helps force the track into a new dimension, showing the bands willingness to explore new depths within the psychedelic genre.

Their imagination and true dedication to music has proved Lucille Furs are the next coming - prepare for their wrath. 

The new dawn of Lucille Furs will bring cross-atlantic success, watch this space.

Words Lauren Jones


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