The Coral make their dazzling homecoming under Liverpool Olympia's spotlight on Saturday 10 December

A rain soaked Liverpool Olympia became the perfect setting for faithful Wirral son's The Coral to make their long-awaited return to their homeland on Saturday night.

Performing to a rowdy sell-out crowd the buzz in the pit was immense. 

Friends bumping into each-other, toasts being made, 

Filling in for local band By The Sea who pulled out due to illness, The Mysterines and The Sundowners produced a complimentary sound to ease people into the night, becoming the perfect support.

With the addition of a second percussionist, Jack Prince from former Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones’ backing band, The Coral strutted on the stage to a fantastic light show projected onto the screen behind them with all the members masked by the mind-blowing 3D shapes dancing to the music that played through the speakers.

Opening with Chasing The Tail Of A Dream from their latest album Distance Inbetween with cuts such as Miss Fortune, White Bird and Million Eyes as well as the band’s latest single Holy Revelation.

Six songs were played from their debut record such as Calendars and Clocks and Simon Diamond to the surprise of many, considering their bulky back catalogue.

The jam-packed evening helped carry front-man James Skelly’s vocals beyond the pink and gold walls of the Olympia well partnered with bassist Paul Duffy’s supporting harmonies. 

The rightful position of Paul Molloy as guitarist fit him like a glove, fully embracing each tune with a wide smile boasting some 'bobby-dazzler' knashers while keyboardist, Nick Power kept his head down and remained faithful to his spine-chilling keys.

Drummer Ian Skelly maintained the pace making people hop in the pit pushing them together in a restricted space as the band performed their more well-known singles such as Pass It On, Jacqueline and firm favourite, In The Morning as well as the well received Don’t Think You’re The First and a rapturous performance of Bill McCai from 2003’s Magic & Medicine.

With an encore of Goodbye with a full psych rock jam wig out mid song had the crowd hypnotised. 

Taking its rightful place, crowning the set, Dreaming Of You.

Girls were on top of guys shoulders, beers were thrown and the crowd jostled with each thrust and chime of the instrumental.

Leaving the venue fans began to chant "Up in my lonely room, when i'm dreaming of you...", giving us all the urge to push on to town for the after party mayhem.

Words Lauren Jones


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