The Severed Limb release psych punk track Bela Lugosi

EMERGING from the darkness more than five years ago in South London, The Severed Limb have re-emerged with a more sinister sound than ever before with track, Bela Lugosi on Drastic Decline.

Falling safe within their "punk skiffle" genre, the band have decided now its time to alter perceptions introducing heavy riffs and horrific organs.

Commenting that their evolution feels "natural" Bela Lugosi still holds the bands punkish attitude but has almost obliterated the skiffle ideology that The Severed Limb has been brought up on.

With some psychedelic twangs, the track is a poem - powerful but simple lyrics turn to a catchy instrumental to carry its clever rhyming tongue.

Spine-chilling keys rumble as they're teased by organ player Alex Barrow complimented by edgy, Brit-pop inspired vocals from front-man Robert Paul.

Bringing a sixties twist to horror classics, the music video is the ultimate accompaniment for the track - hooking listeners instantly.

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Words Lauren Jones


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