Manchester trio Slowhandclap release latest single Teething

Photo: The Picture Dome
SLOWHANDCLAP are one of the latest bands to arrive out of an arguably saturated Manchester music scene. 

Dropping latest track Teething, taken from debut EP Cheers Now, Cya Now, captures the new wave alternative sound that so many people are returning to after the height of artists such as Vampire Weekend. 

Lead guitarist Sam Bullock, bassist Dan Coleman and drummer Michael Duckworth started out mid last year amongst the rise of garage and psychedelic bands in the North West.

Incorporating a darker, deeper level Slowhandclap keeps 'happy' to the lowest level and provides a festering grime ideology and bouts of c'est la vie. 

Slightly rough around the edges Teething would be an excellent track to hear live with echoing vocals and cooky chords becoming the crowning glory of this growing tune.


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