Steve Pilgrim 'Morning Skies' launch at Leaf on Bold Street

COURTESY of Mellowtone former Stands drummer Steve Pilgrim launched his acoustic solo album, Morning Skies at Leaf on Bold Street to an audience of adoring fans.

A packed out show left people scrambling to grab a seat in the 'cabaret' style layout to lay their eyes on Steve and his band.

Rocking to a set from Above the Beaten Track DJ's christened the night, providing Motown classics and soulful grooves.

Quietening down for first up, Matt Barton and Dave Owen - just two guys and their guitars with a bunch of satirical folk tunes all about life around Liverpool.

The audience howled at references to frozen peas and pound slots in trolleys.

As quickly as they arrived they were off, barely  for the stage to be prepped for the main act.

Squeezed on a bench spilling pints of Coors Light and drinking speciality ales it was quite a shock when in a somewhat cool manner Steve and his band tip-toed their way on stage taking position.

With the help of Liverpool based heavenly gifted vocalist Rachael Jean Harris, Steve's mono-tone folk vocals flew high.

Drummer Oli Hughes and ex-Stands bassist Dean Ravera completed the gifted line up totally dedicating themselves to the tracks unfolding ahead of them.

Wasted on fans of old, the new material is something works best under glaring rays of sun at small-time festivals.

Bringing back a classic simpleness the material digresses from Steve's own past and is a brave bold step which had feet tapping away.

Recording his album with double bass player Danny Thompson and the mod-father himself Paul Weller on keys it carried its weight at a busy Leaf.

Now touring on and off with Cast, Steve is rising to the top all on his own accord.

Euphoric sounds of Morning Skies as well as tracks from Steve's previous releases filled the air with affectionate tales of true feelings. 


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