What is Liverpool streaming right now?

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Lauren Maccabee
LIVERPOOL is undoubtedly a musical city we only have to look at a building, street name or person and there's probably a song about it.

The people of Merseyside also have diverse tastes just like anywhere else in the world - yes, they don't just listen to The Beatles - so there's no real telling on what people are streaming right now.

However new data from Spotify has revealed some telling information about our listening habits.

From hip-hop grime artists to young lads with guitars, there's almost no in between so enjoy Liverpool's top ten most streamed on Spotify:

10. Addicted The Night Cafe

At number 10, Liverpool foursome The Night Cafe sweep in with old track, Addicted.

9. Boys That Sing Viola Beach

Warrington band, Viola Beach were adopted by Liverpool during their short but successful career. There was no telling where these lads couldn't reach with their music, time and time again they got better and produced chart-topping music. We will never know what the future could've been but we know it would've been bright.

8. Time The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe's second entry in Liverpool's most streamed top 10 and with new single, The Way Of Mary just about to be released this is a good position for the young band to be in right now.

7. Close To You ARLE, Icarus

British duo Icarus bring to us a remix of unsigned artist, Arle's hit track, Close To You.

6. Not Nineteen Forever Courteeners

Love it or loathe it, The Courteeners made the top 10 - who is listening to this indie anthem?

5. You Got Me Baby Lushington

Released on Armada Music, house producer and DJ Lushington released his debut track You Got Me Baby last August and it still remains in a respectable fifth place in Liverpool's most streamed.

4. Dignity Deacon Blue

Alternative eighties rock band Deacon Blue have had sold almost six million albums, had 12 UK top 40 singles and two UK number one albums. An interesting addition to number four with Dignity - their official debut release.

3. Don't Give Up (On Love) Blinkie

London based producer Blinkie has been making music since he was 15 years-old and latest track Don’t Give Up (On Love) has taken the dance scene by storm, with firm support already received from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM and Capital.

2. Pretty Green Eyes Ultrabeat

This version of Pretty Green Eyes by Ultrabeat was recorded in a studio in Liverpool where Mike Di Scala was the engineer. Top fact is during the recording session, they didn't have a pop filter for the mic so they had to use a sock instead.

1. Big For Your Boots Stormzy

Taking top spot - grime star Stormzy is one of the biggest names in UK music right now. Recently appearing at HMV and blessing a baby - his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer released on 24 February is the first grime album to reach number one in the the UK Albums Chart.

Words Lauren Jones


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