Political outfit Only Child to launch latest EP at the Magnet, Liverpool

LIVERPOOL political outfit Only Child are set to launch their latest EP, Working Class at a one-of-a-kind full band ceremony at the Magnet. 

Dream child of Alan O'Hare the acclaimed folk ensemble will release the five track disc which has been described as a change of direction for the band on May 5.

Attacking the current, real life problems in this country's establishment, Alan's powerful songwriting prowess has helped bring fruitful debate to people who would usually stay on the sidelines.

Ahead of the snap general election, Alan's intelligent lyrics will help grow the opinions of the real people, making them choose what they really want to stand for.

Talking about the release, Alan said: "Working Class tells a story.

"It's less than a year since we released our second album and launched it with a big gig at the Philharmonic's Music Room, but these songs need to be heard right now." 

"In between you hear about people losing their jobs, pride and eventually their homes... it's a tale that needs to be told. 

"This Government are intent on destroying our class - we've got to find some hope."

He added: "That one's got people talking, which is the whole point of protest music,"

Joined by special guests Bad Mood and Three Minute Hero the times of protest are still growing strong. 

Tickets are £5 advance and available from here.


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