Brighton's The Rocking Horse Club reveal power track Straight White Man

BRIGHTON basement rockers The Rocking Horse Club are back with their latest track 'Straight White Man'.

Recorded in January with Demob Happy producer Christoph Skirl alongside six other to be released tracks, Straight White Man is an attack on today's acceptance of the egotistical white man. 

Two fat fingers to the obnoxious, the band are single-handedly fighting gender, sexual and racial imbalance with this one track.

The cool solid rock tune is pure and simple, showing how idiotic this society is.

Bringing a fresh and exciting sound back to the forefront of the 'underground' scene, kids are going to be playing this educational track on repeat.

Oh, and if you've got time, take a look at the fruity comments being made on the video below - it just proves how much we desperately need The Rocking Horse Club to keep kicking this shit up and remain our guardians forever. 


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