Brighton's The Rocking Horse Club reveal power track Straight White Man

BRIGHTON basement rockers The Rocking Horse Club are back with their latest track 'Straight White Man'.

Recorded in January with Demob Happy producer Christoph Skirl alongside six other to be released tracks, Straight White Man is an attack on today's acceptance of the egotistical white man. 

Two fat fingers to the obnoxious, the band are single-handedly fighting gender, sexual and racial imbalance with this one track.

The cool solid rock tune is pure and simple, showing how idiotic this society is.

Bringing a fresh and exciting sound back to the forefront of the 'underground' scene, kids are going to be playing this educational track on repeat.

Oh, and if you've got time, take a look at the fruity comments being made on the video below - it just proves how much we desperately need The Rocking Horse Club to keep kicking this shit up and remain our guardians forever. 


  1. Ooh this pop group is so edgy and controversial. Well, actually, they're not. They're embarrassingly corny. I mean, there are thousands of young women being sexually exploited by Muslim gangs up and down the country, female genital mutilation is a growing problem with victims also numbered in the thousands, But they won't go there will they. This pop group pretends that white men are the problem. . Cowards, picking the softest possible target. How is it possible for young people to be so lame and out of touch. I am in my sixties, FFS!

  2. The previous comment has nailed it! This so-called Punk band is as edgy as a football. Have they just woken up from a sixty year coma? The lyrics must have been written by a girl, since only a girl would not realise that, actually, a man would think all his Christmases had come at one if attractive women started feeling him up.

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  4. I've just watched the video on youtube. I agree the girl must have written the lyrics, since a man, or at least a normal man, would have realised there is a something a little bit "off" with a man minding that he is being touched by an attractive women. So either the boys in the band were too cucked and scared of her to raise any objection to the lyrics, or else they are not normal men to begin with. Who knows? Who cares? They are shit anyway.

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