Londoners The Vex release video to powerful punk track Education Kills

LONDONERS The Vex have revealed their new video for powerful punk-rock track 'Education Kills'.

Starting out in the capital's outer fringes The Vex will return to perform new material since their self-titled EP dropped in April last year.

'Education Kills' is a tribute to the extraordinary bravery of Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Pakistan Taliban while campaigning for women's rights to education.

With the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate in mind, the band feed off the evil and create a jacked-up punk big fat two fingers up to the world.

Rebelling in their cool yet feisty sound, The Vex offer hope for those who don't fit in and speak out about the wrong in society - they're the voice of the people.

Dealing in dirty guitars and big beats The Vex play with passion and precision hitting hard and deep, see for yourself.


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