New Yorkers The Leones reveal latest dream-pop single 'Dealer'

NEW YORKERS The Leones have revealed that their latest slice of dream-pop pie, 'Dealer' will be released on September 1.

Backed by the likes of End of the Trail Records and ReverbNation, the band have a solid foundation in an ethereal lullaby state, sounding like a mash-up between Elvis Costello and Kurt Vile.

Main man Justin Bachulak embraces soulful, reverb-laden vocals while intertwining with 80's spooky synth horror-score melodies.

Guitarist Dustin Lau adds a spaced-out set of chords which entangle with the isolated instrumental.

For fans of Twin Peaks, this track is very similar to those that play out at the end of each episode at the Roadhouse.

A natural film soundtrack, 'Dealer' is the ultimate 'indie' tune we fell in love with when the likes of Twilight entered our lives.

Beautifully depressing, Dealer is the future of the alternative genre.


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