Howie Payne returns for hometown show at Buyers Club this week

LIVERPOOL troubadour Howie Payne will return home this week to perform his "best record so far".

Embarking on a headline tour across the UK, Howie will be performing 'Mountain', out on October 27, on Thursday October 12 at The Buyers Club on Hardman Street.

This long-awaited album, recorded at London’s State of The Ark Studios, is the first from The Stands' frontman since his 2009 debut 'Bright Light Ballads'.

Back in July, he released lead single, 'The Brightest Star' into the ether.

Speaking about the new album Howie said: "I think 'Mountain' is my best record so far.

"It’s got a mellow vibe but the songs are rooted in real life which gives it some weight and a bit of edge’.

"We recorded it in just four days, and pretty much live, during one of the hottest weeks of the year, and you can hear it in the sound, like the voltage is heavier, and the air is thicker in the silence between the instruments.

"Most of the tracks were recorded in just a few takes - we'd never played them together before but the band were just really on it.

"We'd run through a song once or twice, get the sounds up and then play it until we got a version that sparked.

"I did 'Bright Light Ballads' the same way and I really dug how after you do a take you can listen to the song right then, with the singing and everything.

"I've made records where I've built it up from a zillion parts, and it's cool, but I went at this one live because there's something different about the feel you get into the songs when everyone’s playing and singing at the same time, you know."

Tickets are £13.20 and are available here


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