Nick Ellis' new album Adult Fiction is a true Liverpool masterpiece

Photography by Robin Clewley
A FAMOUS face on Liverpool's hardened music circuit, Nick Ellis returns with his latest album, described as a novel to music, Adult Fiction.

Recorded at the neo-gothic Adolf Gustav Nordic Church, historic hums pour into the tracks perfecting the composition and instrumentation.

A follow up from Grace & Danger EP and debut album Daylight Ghosts, this latest rustic offering is a winning weathered combination of storytelling goodness and Liverpool's indefinite stamp on Nick.

Enlisting the help of garage soul honcho Edgar Jones and Mark Percy of delta-blues outfit The Cubical, Adult Fiction oozes stunning craftmanship - something we heavily associate with Nick's work.

This is shown in tracks such as 'She Devil Woman' opening with a foreboding bass-line and slow Louisiana rock'n'roll.

Discussing the album, Nick said: "Each song on the album is a chapter based on an old folklore passed on to me by my 105 year old Aunt, Molly Amero, in the last days of her life.

"It is a story about an architect who built one of Liverpool’s most mystifying and beautiful landmarks, the Princes Road Boulevard, located in the Toxteth Park area."

His summary describes the beauty and wonderfulness of this wholesome creation.

Personal favourite 'The Bistro Confessional' is a 60s tainted lovers tale longing for their interest to come back to their arms, flowing beautifully into 'She Devil Woman', folklore followed through the music.

Described as 'narrative noir', there are some unexpected twists in the album with the Celtic/Indian fusion 'Raga Psalm' of pure instrumental.

'A Girl Desire' crowns the album, holding a typical solemn tone that Nick graciously carries in his softly purred vocals.

Others such as 'Heartbreak City' ring true with previous material such as 'A Walk Through The City' first heard on the Grace & Danger EP.

Courtesy of Mellowtone Records, Adult Fiction is the next chapter in Nick's ever growing beautiful catalogue of works.

Ahead of the Adult Fiction launch at St Bride’s Church, Liverpool on Saturday, November 18, Nick has released track 'Clock Watching' on Soundcloud:

Tickets for the launch are £10 and available

To pre-order your copy of Adult Fiction visit


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