Chicago's Lucille Furs ready for what's next after their superb hypnotic debut

CHICAGO sons Lucille Furs are ready for their world takeover after releasing their heavily anticipated self-titled debut.

Speaking to The Music Manual about their release, the band, formerly known as Shah Jahan, are glad to be moving through the ages.

"It great to have the debut out, we've been playing some of these songs since we started in the summer of 2015 and others as recent as March 2017.

"Our mate John Zabawa painted the album after hearing it since its conception.

"John has previously helped out with art direction as well as joining us on tours, including our Euro stint.

"When we first started recording, we had about eight of the 12 (/13) songs written.

"By the time we had finished, we doubled the amount of songs within those couple of months and started saving some for LP II.

"It feels nice completing another chapter."

Firm fan favourites such as 'Baby Blaise' and 'In Samsara' have found their way onto their debut, a slightly more kaleidoscopic fever compared to newer tracks such as 'Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration' which has nods to the likes of late Monkees material partnered with The Turtles and The Beatles' White Album.

Tales of reality and lust fill the album, with nods to everyday life inevitably finding their feet within each track just like 'Carrie and Judy', 'Please, Give Her This Letter' and 'Alabaster Crayon'.

"Our tracks are all short stories, based on real life events.

"For example, Carrie and Judy are fictional characters who are in love."

The soothing psych track-listing is the epitome of the band's creative genetics - oozing this effortless pioneering vibe, Lucille Furs are eating away at a polluted scene of commercial cheese, making their own very fruitful world of impeccable sounds.

Taking influences from the likes of Ray Davies, Bob Dylan in songwriting there is a strong taste of these artists in tracks like 'Does it Matter to You'.

Distant vocals from front-man Trevor Newton Pritchett sounding similar to Lennon and that familiar deep bass-line from Patrick Tsotsos grinding with guitarist Nick Dehmlow's chords is a work of art that grooves silently with Brendan's simple but rhythmic beat.

Mellotron player Constantine Hastalis helps force tracks into a new dimension, showing the bands willingness to explore new depths within the psychedelic genre.

Hoping for further escapades across uncharted waters, earlier this year the lads took their sound to foreign shores and visited UK and France, taking time to catch up with new-found friends and a music scene different to back home: "We had the time of our lives. We self booked our shows, with help from friends.

"Our show in Paris fell through but it was still lovely to visit and we played a handful of shows in London including Moth Club, Sofar Sounds, Muxima Cafe and a DJ set at Adam & Eve.

"We’d like to tour overseas properly for our first album and release our second by the summer of 2018."

As for day-to-day life: "We tend to start our days meeting at a coffee shop and ending it with a couple matches of tennis in the evening," says Patrick.

On their return to the UK be sure to invite them to a game of tennis - game, set, match.

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  1. Definitely going to listen to them on spotify. The best thing about them is that their songs are short stories. Inspired by real life events