Negatives containing rare portraits of John Lennon go on display at The Beatles Story this week

RARE negatives containing never-seen-before photographs of John Lennon are on display at The Beatles Story in Liverpool on Thursday, November 9.

Valued at £10,000 the collection of 26 negatives - intimate portraits of the former Beatle taken in February 1970, were brought to a free 'Memorabilia Day' on Wednesday, October 25.

Darren Julien, of Julien’s Auctions said: “It’s not often when you find images of John Lennon that have never before been seen by the public.

"These 26 images/negatives of John Lennon are a rare find."

The owner of the negatives - who wanted to remain anonymous, told experts that the collection had been stored away in a draw for around 34 years.

Other items were also discovered including a Beatles Christmas Show programme from 1963 signed by all four Beatles valued at £8,000 and a signed postcard valued at £5,000.

These items join the letter found at last year’s event, written by John Lennon and addressed to the Queen, the document explains the singer’s reasons for returning his MBE and was valued by Julien’s at around £60,000.

The negatives, the John Lennon letter and other memorabilia are to be consigned into an auction taking place at The Beatles Story in October 2018.


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