Liverpool's alt-pop HAARM release latest track 'Love in a Different Way'

LIVERPOOL'S latest favourite child, alt-pop band HAARM have revealed their latest track 'Love in a Different Way'.

Starting out last year in a tequila bar at 4am, the band have seen success with their tracks being played across radio and television including being synced to Rugby World Cup and featuring on soaps such as Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

The new track is a sultry, hip-pop record - moody and cheerful all in one.

Whispering vocals from keyboardist Jen Davies compliment the deep rasp of guitarist Chris McIntosh, recreating a more jovial XX sound.

Synths and beats combine for a burning instrumental, perfect for wintery raves in the warehouses on Dock Road.

Talented brothers Dylan (bass) and Olly Gorman (drums) complete the sought-after line-up, adding a moody and essential backing to Jen and Chris' harmony.

Chris said: "Musically we wanted to write something that sounded like it could be off a Prince record.

"I don't think it does now actually, but that's what we were aiming for, something with a real groove and really memorable hook."

"It's about those relationships you just can't understand.

"No matter how hard you try to, you just can't fathom why you're with that person.

"You argue and you hate them as much as you love them - they bring out the absolute worst in you but they also make you feel a million dollars.

"It's impossible to move on from them - you're completely addicted.

"You know you should cut them off completely from your life, yet you still go to them when they call you.

"You just can’t give them up no matter how bad you know they are for you."

Getting on with their own thing, HAARM have taken Liverpool and its outer-world by storm.

There's just no knowing what they're going to produce in the New Year, but we guarantee it'll be special.


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