Alt-folk duo Stables to release second studio album 'Reverie'

ALT-FOLK duo Stables are set to release their second studio album 'Reverie' next month during a sell-out show at London's St Pancras Old Church.

The Keston pair spent last year winging their way onto festival stages such as Glastonbury and taking to the road for a three week European headline tour around Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

With their album launch selling out six months in advance, Stables are vastly spreading across the UK's burgeoning folk scene.

Matthew Lowe and Daniel Trenholme began their new journey after many years of friendship and projects.

The pair now have two albums under their belts with three more planned single releases in the next five months.

Compared to the likes of Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear, Stables have created a new excitement around the genre which has long been left neglected by major musos.

Their album title track 'Reverie' is a pleasant and joyful ditty packed with the simplicity of acoustic guitars and slow beats provoking a warmth and delicate blanket of hope.

Other tracks such as Disagree and Dandelions & Daisies give off a breeze of fresh, new music full of wonder, opening up a new dawn for the folk genre. 

Matthew, who has worked with the likes of Keston Cobblers Club, said: "Reverie is the record we always set out to create when we formed Stables. 

"We love our debut, but have never been more proud of an album.

"We wanted this album to reflect how we perform on stage, with the variety and depth of a full set. 

"I wrote it as an intimate portrayal of a period in my life, which Daniel and I reshaped and added to together while touring."


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