The missing piece to Liverpool's music history - Some Other Guys: The Story of the Big Three

The film's premiere screening at The British Music Experience, Liverpool
EVERYONE with an interest in Merseyside's music history needs to watch a new documentary film that made it's UK premiere on March 30 as part of Doc'n'Roll Festival.

Some Other Guys - The Story of the Big Three, directed by Canadian Todd Kipp, is a hard-hitting reflection on the rise and fall of 'the band Brian Epstein couldn't control' - The Big Three.

The film heads back to Liverpool's bustling 60s music scene, going right back to when the band was first known as Cass & The Casanovas.

Headed up by Brian Casser the band featured Adrian Barber and Brian J Hudson who was swiftly replaced by Johnny Hutchinson, known as Hutch, in 1959.

They then recruited Hutch's childhood friend Johnny 'Gus' Gustafson who quickly had to learn bass after Hutch brought him in as a bassist - despite him not knowing a single chord.

The line-up moved and changed shape once Casser left the group for London in 1960, slightly at war with the members for the 'direction' they wanted to take.

Todd Kipp, Griff and Hutch at the BME Q&A
It was then when The Big Three came to be in 1961 - although it wasn't long before Barber left making way for Brian 'Griff' Griffiths after being snapped up by Brian Epstein and sent to Hamburg.

What made The Big Three even better was that it was drummer Hutch who was the lead singer - Gus was forced to sing on their first single 'Some Other Guys'

They moved in the same circuits as The Beatles, Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes and The Undertakers.

After enjoying a brief period in the spotlight, The Big Three became known as 'the band's band', this being made very clear in the documentary.

This highly emotional film revisits the world of Griff, Hutch and Gus during the 'glory days' and shows how life is just too short and the band's refusal to sell out.

Famous faces such as original Beatles drummer Pete Best speak about his dealings with The Big Three and how Hutch turned down a job offer to replace him - Hutch later suggesting he was the one who mentioned Ringo Starr for the job.

Brian Epstein's secretary and president of Beatles fan club Freda Kelly and The Merseybeat's Bill Kinsley also feature.

We're looking forward to an official release date very soon.


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