London indie-pop songstress Paulaa releases debut EP 'Fall In'

WITH a steady and constant stream of new music talent trickling out of the capital, sometimes artists get lost - but this is not the case for Paulaa.

Indie-pop songstress Paulaa is set to put her stamp on the saturated scene with collaborations with the likes of Santii and four singles up her sleeve.

Her debut EP, named after title track 'Fall In' and out on July 20, is a cool, collected selection of R&B electronic fusion.

Teaming up with James Bay and Jake Bugg's producer Eddie Serafica, Paulaa has created a sensual selection of ethereal tracks which awaken with her effortless vocals.

Tracks such as Done tell a powerful tale of empowerment while reflecting on typical everyday goings on and mutterings.

The high emotions in songs such as Commit show Paulaa's natural prowess.

Recorded at a multi-disciplinary creative hub the Chocolate Factory, its a real heart-wrenching, gut turning offering, bringing back personal feelings us listeners would much rather keep under lock and key.

Talking about the EP, Paulaa told TMM: “All the stories that go through this EP connect to accessing, processing and communicating emotions.

"It explores different chapters, feelings and moments that can happen within a person's life.

"It’s based on situations from my personal experience, life of those around me and from what I’ve observed over time.

"Touching on different kind of relationship issues, feeling betrayed by someone close to you, touching upon messages of love, lust and empathy for someone."


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