Sunstack Jones return with dream-psych masterpiece

ONE of Liverpool's best kept secrets, Sunstack Jones are ready to drop their highly anticipated third album.

Due for release on July 6, courtesy of Deltasonic Records, their latest album is a dream-psych masterpiece.

Coolly concocted through burgeoning beats and blooming instrumentals, the self-titled album is undoubtedly the cream of Sunstack's crop.

Produced by Paul Den Heyer and mastered by The Verve's lead guitarist Nick McCabe, this material takes us on a journey through sad regrets and sweet memories while placing listeners in a feel-good aura.

Immersive and lethargic, this album is the soothing sound of summer.

Building on previous material, tracks such as Without Being Told and I'm On Your Side have a transcendent harmony which keeps calling us back.

It's their celestial, out-of-this-world sound which gives Sunstack their local notoriety.

The perfect background music to unwind to, the album is crammed with wonderful instrumentals and mind-expanding ideas best displayed in the likes of Piano Drum and Stay Awhile.

Echoed vocals mirrored with sun-warped melodies in Lighthouse, Sun Is Always and Somethings Happened to My Mind offer an euphoric escape to everyday pressures.

Somethings Happened to My Mind is overlaid with a feverish beat, still in keeping with their sound, it's a catchy and happy-go-lucky addition which will sure transfer to an electrifying live performance.

All the tracks are lead by the instrumental, with vocals falling in place, tracks such as End At The Start are the epitome of this.

Still giving off the airy and ambient music, the album has a real tasty selection of tracks that work in conjunction with each other, coming together like a fuzzy jigsaw.

It would be great to experience these tracks live in an unique Liverpool setting - let's hope there's plans in the pipeline.


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