Hushtones to release debut EP at Sound Basement

ONE of Liverpool’s hottest new acts Hushtones are set to release their debut, self-titled EP on November 16 at Sound Basement, Duke Street as part of The Music Manual presents.

Boasting four tracks, the EP is summed up by the band as an ode to mental health, political anguish, heartbreak and wanting to have a good time.

The self titled release features tracks such as; Good Fight, written around the time of the Grenfell tragedy and the 2017 snap election, alongside the more laid back track State of Mind, a song that addresses men’s mental health issues also highlighting Hushtones’ staple vocal harmonies.

Vocalist and keyboardist Matha Goddard, said: “Mick, Caitlin and I have been playing together for almost two years but it wasn't until the lovely Abe and Huw joined us in April that we became this ‘proper’ band.

“We have been making music for a while and having fun with it, but we've got to a point where we are more and more excited by the music we're making.

“We really wanna share this with people.

“Our music is... a bit soulful, a bit passionate, our lyrics are relatable.

“But with two lead songwriters we end up with a blend of styles and experiences. Our songs are quite varied and it keeps things interesting. We love harmonies and have a mixture of female and male voices that works well.”

Joining Hushtones for the launch is Camilla Sky and Hannah & the Wick Effect.

Norwegian singer/songwriter Camilla Sky has spent the last year touring the North West with her contemporary folk sound and has found home in Liverpool.

Originally from Newcastle, Hannah & the Wick Effect has also found home in the city, self-described as ‘spiky riot girl meets Veruca Salt’, this band is also making waves inside and out of Liverpool.

Tickets for the launch are £3 and available via


  1. As Hushtones take to the storm cellar of Sound, Getintothis' Scarlett India was there to take in the irresistible sections.
    Last Thursday saw Hushtones' feature gig bring a huge, energetic group to the close setting of Sound's storm cellar. Opening the night was South East Londoner Pet Grotesque, with his first gig in Liverpool. With a "simply accept it as it goes" state of mind, his music unquestionably had a DIY feel to it. Pet Grotesque gave the group a weird contort on dream pop and the gathering of people appeared to adore his fluffy sound and mesmerizing songs.