Miles Kane talks Skeleton Coast, Tommy's Margaritas and what's up next

Miles Kane performing in Newcastle on his latest UK tour (Picture: Adam Barnsley)
"I just believe it’ll be such an emotional day for us," says Miles Kane as we chat over the phone on Tuesday, April 23.

We're talking about Skeleton Coast festival at Leasowe Castle on August 31 - his final tour date of the summer and his first real homecoming.

The 33-year-old from Meols, Wirral will headline the event after a jam-packed summer touring the globe's festival circuit.

"I’ve never in my whole life played in Wirral," says Miles, surprising us all.

"Even when I was in The Little Flames, the first ever gig we did was in Liverpool at Hannah’s Bar and I’ve never done anything in Wirral you know what I mean apart from performing in my bedroom in my mum’s house.

"So it feels pretty stressful to be honest and it will be the last gig of the summer and it’ll be a nice way to round off the year and a half of doing this album.

"It will be the best gig that’s happening this year for sure.

"It’s in one of those unique places where there aren’t gigs and the organisers could’ve done it somewhere where it’s already set up but we’re building it from scratch.

"It’s going to be one of their special moments when it’ll be like: ‘Were you there?’

"Skeleton Coast is just nice as my family have curated it, built it up each year and it’s getting bigger so it’s cool to keep it in the family.

"We’ve all kinda built this thing musically so creating these little events from the ground up is an inspiring thing.

"My mum and dad still live in Wirral and all the family really.

"I was back recently for my cousin’s wedding which was actually in Leasowe Castle where the gig is.

"I just go back and stay at my mum’s in Meols and chill out really."

The event, brainchild and spin off of Skeleton Key Records, is arguably the hottest date in Wirral's almost non-existent indie music festival scene.

We're lucky to have such a huge event on our doorstep, created by indie music pioneers.

As well as championing the event with his headline set, Miles will curate his own stage for up and coming artists such as The Peach Fuzz, The Mysterines, Dream Wife, The Snuts and The Fernweh - something he is incredibly passionate about.
(Picture: Lauren Dukoff)

"There are so many great young bands out there now and I just keep coming across them all the time.

"I’m very fond of The Mysterines who are also from Wirral, I think are a great young band.

"Y'know there’s so much good stuff out there and it’s hard for everyone because it is difficult to break onto mainstream level but I think that a lot of those young bands who don’t get that break are at that level.

"So it’s about just pulling together and helping each-other out.

"You’ve got to embrace the youth, y’know."

This kid from the leisure peninsula has done alright for himself, performing sell-out dates across the world, a summer busting with festival dates and just featuring on The Late Late Show with James Cordon - and this is just 2019.

He began his musical journey learning the sax before moving on to guitar and joined The Little Flames at the age of 18.

It was then time for another project, The Rascals, with former Little Flame members Greg Mighall and Joe Edwards, by this time it was 2007/2008 and the band were tipped for great success after a support slot on Arctic Monkeys' tour.

That fateful support slot brought Miles and AM front-man Alex Turner into a creative circle, beginning their own duo, The Last Shadow Puppets.

Miles then took the step into the solo world, releasing his debut album Colour of the Trap in 2011.

His latest solo record Coup De Grace received a mixed bag of reviews but quickly became a fan-favourite, especially on the big stage - something which doesn't phase Miles.
(Picture: Lauren Dukoff)

"I like both festivals and intimate venues, there’s something in me that does enjoy that big stage and I’m not afraid of it at all.

"I feel very comfortable up there and it doesn’t frighten me at all.

"The songs don’t lose any impact either so that’s where I’m at at the moment.

"I think it applies to any job you believe in and any job that you wanna do.

"The hardest thing is when you’re young you’re not doing it – you think how is it possible to get on there.

"I used to think that when I’d go to watch bands in The Zanzibar or the tiny little bars around town
and I couldn’t understand how you, even though the stage is small, could get on that bill or stage and it seems otherworldly but you do find a way.

"Especially now to sort of do those small gigs and to start a craft from the bottom.

"It is more accessible now, you’ve just got to kick yourself up the arse and do it – which is the hardest part."

I mention about singing Coup De Grace in my car, Miles laughs.

"That song has actually become one of the biggest songs live, it’s absolutely bangin’ live you know.

"It’s really a heavy rock disco tune – it’s one of my faves to play live.

"Coup De Grace is my favourite to play at the moment, y’know all those new ones are fun to play like Silverscreen is an angry punk song, Cry On My Guitar is a sexy rocking one but I love playing Don’t Forget Who You Are and Come Closer and older ones y’know.

"I'm lucky that the sets are building quite strong now and it’s sort of each little step we make is a singalong moment and I just want to get to that point when the whole set is one singalong."

So, has Miles had any mad encounters with a fan?

His genuine love for his fans is what makes him an approachable artist - some other artists should  take a leaf out of his book.

"All the fans, I have so much respect for them, they’re all so nice really.

"It’s all cool. There’s nothing really mad to report.

"It makes my day when someone asks you for a photo or they say a song or gig makes them happy, it fulfils why I do it really."

(Picture: Lauren Dukoff)
I throw a curve ball - if Miles Kane was a cocktail, what would he be?

He laughs, pauses for a couple of seconds, "I’m really into Tommy’s Margaritas at the moment so it would have to be some sort of tequila I’d go for now, tequila and lime and agave or whatever they put in there!

"Tommy’s Margarita would be what I’m after or a Vodka Martini.

"It depends on the occasion y’know haha.

"I sound like a boozy bastard there but yeah a boozy cocktail man."

What's next for Miles Kane? "We’re just going to have the best time ever.

"Each gig we do, we’re just getting better and better, we’re on this continual growth I feel as a musician and a person and we’re just trying to keep up on this trajectory and use this positive energy that we’re getting.

"Hopefully we’ll go into another album pretty soon and then keep writing banging tunes really.

"Getting something new out of there as soon as possible."

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