Marvin Powell's stunning debut album is an escape from mundane life

THE heavily anticipated debut album from Wavertree native Marvin Powell is a modern-day masterpiece.

Released on September 13 via Skeleton Key Records, Dust Of The Day is the culmination of years of hard work from singer/songwriter Powell.

Recorded at The Coral Caves in Hoylake back in 2016, this labour of love was mixed and engineered by James Skelly, Richard Turvey, Alfie Skelly and Tim Cunningham.

Opening with fan-favourite Buried, this ten-track album is an escape from every-day life.

Having followed Powell for several years it is rather precious to have a songbook album to now refer to.

Emotive, sombre and triumphant are three words we would pick to describe Dust Of The Day.

A personal love would be Wind Before The Train - a beautiful track which has been rejuvenated with a pulsating foot-tapping beat and chords that race with the whispery vocals.

Opulent Heart is another that catches the soul, it's a wistful number with a heartbreaking poetic lyricism.

The track of which the album takes its name is of a quickening pace but everso soothing.

Dust Of The Day is one to listen to while the rain pours yet you're wrapped up cosy on the couch with a warm drink, reflecting on the past and people who have passed by.

One track receiving a huge applause is Samsara, a slightly more up-beat number on the tracklisting.

Powell casts this interesting witchy spell over Samsara's lyrics, instrumental and goes above and beyond to propel it into the outer atmosphere.

Each track tells a poignant story of love, life and despair - we can't get enough.

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