INTERVIEW: Art collective Psycho Comedy release new single ahead of debut album

BEYOND the walls of the great minds that form Psycho Comedy there's a growing movement for change.

Speaking after the release of their second single Standin', the beguiling post-punk artisans have become the voice for 'unconventionals' everywhere.

Their new single, Standin', released on December 12 - General Election Day, is their latest middle finger to the establishment.

Although it may have seemed timely, the track had actually been written some four years before, Psycho Comedy said: "The song was written in 2015 and as a country we have declined since then.

"We felt that it was relevant to release it around the election with a video as well, painting that message.

"This election has been the biggest in recent times for our generation."

Although the result of the election was an undesirable one, Psycho Comedy continue to speak for those who don't have a voice.

This is something that has been evident in the response, "The single has gone down really good to be honest," says frontman Shaun Powell.

"It’s got a good chorus that you can’t forget so people have been singing along at shows or walking past.

"It’s had some good airtime on BBC radio stations including 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq show."

Standin' follows the first single Pick Me Up from this cohort of artists who combine music, poetry, performance and visual art.

Haunting vocals combined with a catchy chorus and an oh-so memorable instrumental is what helps push this track to a new dawn of Psycho Comedy.

To us locals Psycho Comedy are our worst kept secret, they're breaking the mould and rewiring the multi-media platform that music once used to be with the likes of the Velvet Underground and Patti Smith.

"We are an art collective and not just a rock n roll outfit.

"We have Matthew Thomas Smith who is a poet and Sophia Rose Powell who is our in-house artist," explains Psycho Comedy.

"By keeping it all in house we have full control over what is put out.

"We would like to think that the artwork and videos portray the music and messages perfectly.

"With the video for Standin', Sophia wanted to project the message from the lyrics of the song but also still feature all of the group as a family.

"You can see images of austerity stricken Liverpool and the corrupt government throughout."

Before burying themselves underground recording their debut album for the best part of the summer months, the collective spent March 2019 touring and even played The New Colossus Festival while over there.

Psycho Comedy's debut album Performance Space Number One is set for release on Valentines Day via Silver Machine Recordings with fans being able to catch the band at a launch party prepared for Jacaranda Phase One the following night.

Talking about the album, the collective said: "Performance Space Number One is raw and artistic in its entirety.

"It’s a concept record from a schizophrenic mindset from Shaun Powell.

"All songs are musically diverse but all have a passionate intensity."

So the collective are now set to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, with their eagerly awaited debut set for release and a stint on tour with Mick Head - there's a lot riding on 2020 for Psycho Comedy.

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