Liverpool's Dr Orange bring forward debut release 'Comes in Threes'

LIVERPOOL'S own Dr Orange have unleashed their fully-loaded, gutsy debut Comes in Threes onto the general public to bring us out of insanity this month.

The first solo venture of Scouse songwriter Chas Moody, formerly of Ladies, Dr Orange also consists of familiar faces - Ryan Lavery of Bobby West and Sam Burkett of The JJohns.

Comes in Threes was originally planned for release in July alongside a string of shows but, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to bring forward the release to April 4 - with live dates still to be revealed.

Recorded with producer Jon Withnall, who has worked with the likes of The Coral and Coldplay, this heavy-laden track of zany chords and synths is almost an ode to the late-60s underground scene of psych-rock.

A surefire local anthem when played live, this earworm has a memorable beat which churns masterfully with the track's singular vocals, really coming alive with the additional harmonies during the chorus.

Telling a tale of mental health and the patterns it follows, Comes in Threes is a track many will find solace in.

Speaking about the single, Dr Orange said: "Comes in Threes is one of the rare times you write a 3 minute song in 3 minutes.

"Usually when I’ve tried to take my music in a certain direction my subconscious has answered by writing every style of song other than the one I want to.

"This tune, however, dropped out of nowhere and was on the money.

"Roughly speaking the song's about mental health and some of the patterns and rules I've come to realise I follow."

With two more tracks to come this year, Comes in Threes has opened up a can of excitement among the city's underbelly of music for Dr Orange - watch this space.

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