Going bananas for Baiana's feel-good debut single Miso Loco

Liverpool's beautifully wacky Brazilian jazz outfit Baiana have released their long-awaited summer sizzler of a debut - Miso Loco.

Baiana is like a guilty pleasure that you cannot get enough of. 

Miso Loco being the epitome of this. 

What's great about Baiana is that they aren't like any other band coming from the city at the moment, they're a sophisticated culture trip. And they're too busy enjoying their crazy musical journey to care about convention.

If you have ever managed to grab seat at the joli Petit Cafe Du Coin, situated on the corner of Duke Street and Berry Street, then you will have had the pleasure of listening to the sweet sound of super songstress Laura Doyle and her effortlessly cool band Baiana.

A football agent for Stellar Group by day, Laura is joined by some of the city's most sought after musicians including guitarist Micky Dunne, drummer Vidar Norheim and jazz bassist Jesse Eigan.

Over the last few months, fun loving Baiana have been busy finalising their debut single Miso Loco (It's a fine time in the sunshine) and what a tasty treat it is. 

Just what we need to break the lockdown blues, Miso Loco is a ray of unbelievable scouse sunshine. 

With a burgeoning poptastic samba sound throughout, Miso Loco has you wanting to bring out your inner Carmen Miranda.

Complete with the signature Baiana tongue roll, this feel-good hit produced at Morsecode Studios puts you in an instant good mood. 

The bountiful brass instrumental provided by Gavin Fitzjohn is superbly complimented by John Dyke's chiming keys which have been carefully pieced together to create the ultimate jubilant, cocktail party hit. 

With the promise of a debut album and hopes of a tour next year, there's a lot more to come from larger than life Baiana.

So shake your maracas - it's Baiana baby!

For more information on Baiana and to keep up to date visit https://www.facebook.com/Baianaband and share https://soundcloud.com/baianaband/miso-loco-its-a-fine-time-in-the-sunshine