Right, you may know or you may not know of my passionate obsession with the 60's era. The music created in that decade could last me more than my lifetime and my future children, grandchildren and so on. So I was thinking I should produce a kinda playlist of my favourite 60's songs and kinda give a summary, feel free to google, YouTube, spotify, research any of these bands/singers to find out more info than what I can give you. This playlist isn't gonna have a set number because I like too many and I do think you deserve to find out and experience each one of them, I will try and make it an even number because I have this OCD with odd numbers and yeah, so here we go!

1. The Animals - Don't let me be misunderstood

You've probably all heard this but Jesus is it good.

2. The undertakers - Love so dear

My grandma told me that she loved these going round Liverpool in the 60's, she said they used to put on this show and have this coffin at the back of them, it's a different sound but quality song. Oh and give their version of "money" a listen.

3. The Who - My generation

You can't do 60's without the who, have you ever tried it? Don't.

4. The Kinks - You really got me

Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaaahhhh you really got me now, you got me so I can't sleep at nightttt

5. Neil Sedaka - Breaking up is hard to do

I love this song for the harmonies and the meaning. It gets me through a down day.

6. The Beatles - Can't buy me love

Ok, I've been trying reallllllyy hard not to out Beatles stuff on here because I'll end up just posting them when I need to get a variety in, so I've made an exception, enjoy.

7. The rolling stones - (I can't get no) satisfaction

Obvious choice but it's the stones and I love this song, no matter how much some people hate it.

8. The temptations - My girl

I remember getting this toy dog when I was younger and it used to play my girl and I always thought aww that song is so sweet, why can't someone sing that to me. As I got older I realised that the only person who would sing that to me is my father but oh well! It definitely deserves a place on the playlist!

9. The escorts - from head to toe

It's a light hearted song but oh its just typical 60's and beautiful argh.

10. The mindbenders - Don't cry no more

Hot gorgeous fantastic amazing omg cannot even out commas they are hmm. Their music is top notch too...

11. Spencer Davis Group - I'm a man

12. The Zombies - She's not there

13. The small faces - All or nothing

14. Them - here comes the night

15. The Easybeats - She's so fine

16. Herman's Hermits - No milk today

17. The Monkees - I'm a believer

18. Procol harum - A white shade of pale

19. Marin Gaye - I heard it through the grapevine

20. The Archie's - sugar sugar

Ok, I got lazy near the end but I couldn't really say anything more rather than repeat myself about how great these songs are! I may have more in the future but right now it's 2am and I need sleep. Until next time my fellow manual followers.

And if you have any suggestions or want an article written for your own band or solo act just contact me: laurensmusicmanual@gmail.com


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