Eugene McGuinness

So, for a while now I have been listening and keeping a watchful eye upon Mr McGuinness and his wonder songs which keep everyone on their toes.

Eugene, himself, grew up in Leytonstone, just on the edge of London. He has always expressed his fondness for music with inspirations such as The Beatles, the kinks and the sonics.

Within the last 5 years he has released 3 albums, with a fourth scheduled for release on June 25th. His new album, The Invitation To The Voyage, will include some of McGuinness' new material such as Lion, shotgun and harlequinade.

Full track list as follows;

1. Harlequinade
2. Sugarplum
3. Lion
4. Videogame
5. Shotgun
6. Concrete Moon
7. Thunderbolt
8. Invitation To The Voyage
9. Joshua
10. Japanese Cars

So with all of this, Eugene's career is taking off to a whole new level and a boost in eager fans, from the past and from touring Miles Kane, will be in for a orgasmic music treat at the end of the month.

If you haven't listened to Eugene before here is a quick top ten rustled up by yours truly.

1. Harlequinade
2. A girl for whom my eyes shine for
3. Grogshop
4. Bugjuice
5. Blue jeans (Lana del Rey cover)
6. Trigger the alarms
7. Monsters under the bead
8. Nightshift
9. Fonz
10. Bold street

Go on, give him a listen, he's quite lush too...

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