Grimes review - Visions

Grimes took her time to grow on me but after she had, I took pleasure in listening to her latest album, Visions. It's a great album, in a car crash of different genres making it hard to place in any 'group'. Some may call it synthpop others call it gothic. I'd like to think its definitely leaning towards synthpop with songs like oblivion and genesis giving it an 80's game beat yet twisting it into more than just an 80's reviving act.

Grimes, birth name Claire Boucher, a 24 year old Canadian has always had an interest or been involved with experimental music and it shows within her work.

Track listing for Visions

•Infinite ❤ Without Fulfillment
•Vowels = Space and Time
•Visiting Statue
•Be a Body (侘寂)
•Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus)
•Symphonia IX
•Know the Way (Outro)

The tracks that stand out for me in this album have to be Genesis, Skin, oblivion and be a body. I've chosen these for their ability to stay inside your head, the voice and music that compliments the whole album and image of Grimes. It's a great album to listen to if you are just starting out on your Grimes journey!


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