A Review - Orange Room

Stumbling across musicians is what I seem to do best, Orange Room being no exception. The great guitar solo's, the pulses of rock, indie rock and musical influences following through the veins of this band is astonishing.

The band, based in Liverpool, (consisting of Phil Peers, Lee Peers, Shannon Radic and Tim Baker) takes the reins of the expected 'typical' rock sound and throws in an alternative side to the otherwise full piece  rock group. Personally, I would say that Orange Room have a Kasabian/Oasis with slight Who references feel about them, completely refreshing and enticing at the same time. They are not short of support either with Pulp's Jarvis Cocker even saying “Orange Room are really quite good.”

You can listen to their debut single, Always Get My Way, which is available for download on iTunes and Amazon;

They're a great band to get listening to and experience, you, in yourself benefit from the refreshing slick rock vibe, definitely one for the future.

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Download Always Get My Way here on iTunes

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I really think these guys deserve a listen, definitely going on my iPod as they should yours!



  1. Thanks for the review, Lauren! It means a lot to us that people are getting behind as an unsigned band.
    Orange Room

    1. You're welcome, just thank yourselves for making fantastic music !

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