An interview with Thomas McConnell

So after my review yesterday, I managed to get an interview with Thomas McConnell, it's a great read and gives you a greater view upon him as a musician.

Again, you can give him a listen on soundcloud here!

Who inspires you when writing your music?

Mostly The Beatles but anything can inspire me on the right day. Eric Morecambe does...

Are there any artists that you are interested in at the moment?

My favourite current group are The Pierces, I love their album "Thirteen Tales Of Love and Revenge" from a few years back.

• Do you think Liverpool, as a city has great opportunities for new artists trying to get on to the music scene?

If you know where to go then yeah, Monday night club at the Cavern Pub has thrown up loads of opportunities for me because it's a night where you have to play your songs, no covers are allowed. You meet loads of musicians and it has a great atmosphere.

•What are the future plans for you, any more songs in the pipeline?

My China Crisis tour is the next big thing for me and hopefully, that'll lead to things that are yet unknown and yes, there are many many more songs to come...

• What is the best gig you've been to?

Paul McCartney at the Echo Arena, December 20th 2011. I saw him 2 nights in a row, this being the second, so I was already on a high from the night before in Manchester. It was just double the excitement and it was Christmas, great seats - he pointed at me, wonderful vibe - just an unbelievable night.

• If you could go back in time, where/when would you go and why?

Well I'd obviously want to go back to the 60's but I'd also like to see 90's Britpop at the age I am now as I was only 2 when it all kicked off in reality.

• Who would be the ideal Glastonbury headliner for you?

I'm going to go with someone who's never headlined before and say, Squeeze because they're one of the most underrated groups of all-time.

Have you inherited any of your parents music taste?

Yeah, the basic essentials of my music tastes are based on my parents' records, but then I've researched more obscure acts that are similar to those to find my own little collection.

What made you pick up a guitar and start making music?

It wasn't one specific event or trigger, I think because of how much I'd loved The Beatles before playing music myself I always assumed i'd do it.

•Most played song on your iPod?

Haha I just looked to check and it's actually one of my own, "Penelope Definitely". Not in an arrogant way though don't worry! I just listen to my own stuff repeatedly so I can make sure it's right.

•Favourite Beatle?

Paul, my all-time idol.

•Finally, best gig and venue you've played and why?

The Cavern Pub is always great to play at because I know the crowd there now. I've done a few gigs I could call the best - playing in Newcastle is always good because it's infront of people that have known me for years but who haven't seen me perform before.

I'd like to thank Thomas for this great interview, doesn't it make you want to hear more?

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