Ali Ingle

Ali Ingle is a brand new indie/folk talent from Liverpool, his music is poetically award winning. I gave his song "Tornado" a listen from "The man and the monster" EP and it certainly does prove that there is talent still out there. It's catchy guitar and beat definitely sticks within the imagery  imagination of the listener. You do not and can not tear yourself away, you want and need to hear more, now ask yourself, when do you ever get that from an artist?

Folk music is definitely at its peak at the moment, after Mumford and Sons fame, the folk genre has brought a lot more understanding and an open minded crowd. Don't get me wrong, folk has not been ruined by this, unlike other genre's of music, instead, it has flourished from this gem of being undiscovered at small festivals to hitting big time.

Ingle definitely proves this hypothesis. I guess you could describe his music as folk, yet, it's more than just that, you can't put under a specific genre but who needs to? All you need to know is that if you like folk or not you will enjoy this easy-going, kick back lyricist.

He also said himself "I'm not trying to change the world or make a statement. My music is just the ramblings and inner thoughts of an attention seeking kid who never quite grew up." I think this just about sums up his fantastic sound, no-one could have put it better but the creator, therefore, we should embrace it. A talent like this would be a big mistake to miss.

You can catch Ali live @ The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool supporting The Christians on 16th December, if you can, get there, you'll enjoy it!

Give 'Tornado' a listen here;

You can listen to The Man and the Monster EP here,


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