The Mono LPs

The Mono LPs are a fantastic indie/rock/alt group from Liverpool, they consist of Ste Reid (Songwriter, Vocals and Guitar), Vicky Mutch (Cello and Backing vocals), Luciano Veghini (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Chris Barlow (Bass) and Daniel Beech (Drummer).

This band is completely full of brand new ideas with the thrill-seeking capability of taking over the indie rock genre as we know it. Their sound is full of mystery, you never know what you are going to hear from the first verse to the next. Some listeners may not like this aspect as they want to hear predictable music. But who wants predictable when bands who show no direction in their music come out on top, always surprising and willing to thrill eager ears.

I gave their single, Die a Little Death a listen and all that I have said comes alive in reality. The fantastic guitar, drums, bass and cello make this track. The vocals are a complete bonus only adding as to what will become a rare moment were talent collides to creates an absolute unicorn. The uncertainty only adds to this spectacular meeting of different sounds and influences, if this is what they can do now, The Mono LPs are sure to cause a storm in the near future, just you wait and see.

Check out the official music video to Die a Little Death here;

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